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Mother and Baby
PLAYPLUS - Project is awaiting further funding

Your baby has arrived but life is not quite what you expected! 


Are you struggling to cope with the symptoms of postnatal depression? You’re not alone: 1 in 10 new mums experience postnatal depression during pregnancy and during their child’s first year. Typical symptoms include: 

  • Feeling sad and low in mood 

  • Lack of energy 

  • Trouble sleeping 

  • Lack of concentration  

  • Feeling like you can’t be bothered 

  • Feeling agitated, irritable, hopeless and overwhelmed 

  • Not enjoying the company of your baby, feeling indifferent 

  • Thoughts of self-harm 

  • Some mothers have thoughts of harming their baby which can be very unsettling


Our PlayPlus Project help mums to manage postnatal depression by bringing mothers and babies/toddlers together to enjoy sensory play sessions.


Our weekly play sessions include sensory play, crafts, stories, song and movement. Mums also have access to 1-1 emotional support and group peer support via WhatsApp group sharing.


To join this group register online or email for more information.

This project is kindly supported by:

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